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Tourist VISA Now Available in Travel Agencies

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Few days before we heard the news of availability of Tourist VISAs for visiting Saudi Arabia and now here are the Tourists VISAs. Saudi Commission and Tourism & National Heritage (SCTH) in Jeddah has issued the First licence to a Travel Agency in category D to provide Tourist VISAs.

Travel Agencies which fall in Category D in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be able to issue Tourist VISAs for Visiting Saudi Arabia for educational or medical treatment.

Tourist VISA Now Available in Travel Agencies

As per the news there will be four categories of Licensed Travel Agencies to offer Tourist VISA services along with Selling & Purchasing of Travelling tickets by Tourist organisers.

Category A
Category B
Category C
Category D

Formerly, visas were only available to pilgrims, business people with a local sponsor and family members of residents.

The kingdom also announced during summer plans to drastically develop a massive portion of its Red Sea coast, catering to luxury beach tourists.

Under Saudi Vision 2030, a key goal is to increase the number of tourists in the kingdom. Until now, while millions travel to Saudi Arabia each year, this is primarily for religious tourism to the holy sites of Makkah and Medina.

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