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Top 10 Things Banned in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Top 10 Things Banned in Kingdom of Saudi

Top 10 Things Banned in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Celebrating Valentines Day:

Wearing or Selling something in Red color on February 14th (Valentine’s Day) is banned in Saudi Arabia. People are prohibited to Sell Red Roses or heart shaped things on this day.

Doing this might be violating Saudi Rules and penalty or strict action can be taken against you:

Social Mixing or Get Togethers:

Mixing of Men or women are not allowed at public place. Most of the place you can find two separate lines for Men & women

Movie Theatres are Banned in Saudi:

Movie theatre are not allowed to exit in Saudi Arabia, its gives opportunity for Men & Women to meet in Dark. Few Theatres are located in closed compounds and most of the people drive over to Bahrain to watch movies on Weekend

Pork is banned:

Only Halal things are allowed in Saudi Arabia and no mulims expatriates must follow the rules in Saudi

Music in Public:

Neither Music is not allowed in Public Places nor music schools exists in Saudi Arabia.

No same Gym for Men & Women:

Women are not allowed to go to Gym along with men, Women have separate Gyms.

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Worshipping Other Gods is Prohibited in Public places:

Expatriates are not allowed to pray to other Gods in pubic, though non-muslim expats worship their Gods in private

Working Women:

Women are allowed to work only in some professions and cannot do every other job they want.

Drinking Alcohol is prohibited:

Drinking of Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia

Cars with steering wheels on right side:

Cars with steering wheels on right side are not allowed

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