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Steps to get Saudi Embassy Certificates Attestation

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Most of the Jobs in Saudi Arabia require Graduates and Post Graduates Degree and it is very important for every Degree holder (Master or Bachelor go get their Certificates Attested (Attestation) by Sauid Embassy inorder to get a Job or bringing family on a permanent VISA to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Steps to get Saudi Embassy Certificates

We advice you guys to start Saudi Embassy Certificate Attestation, once you land in KSA as it might take 2-3 months to get this done.

Here are the Requirements to for getting Saudi Embassy Certificates Attestation

  1. Firstly, your Certificates must be attested by your Home Country Human Resource Department (HRD) & Ministry of External Affairs.
  2. Letter of the Company, requesting Saudi Embassy for Attestation of your Certificates

    Company Letter Embassy

Once all the above steps are done and have all the required documents then you can hire any Agent in your Home country to apply for attestation of your Certificates in Saudi Embassy.

Saudi Consulate

It might take 2-3 months got get your Certificates Attested.

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