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Increased Security for Hajj Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is full geared up for Hajj this year with icnrease in security forces with checkpoints to avoid any mishap and installed CCTV Camera of high range at most of the places to capture everything.

More than 1,00,000 people were stopped while entering Makkah City as they didn’t had Hajj permit. Hajj Security forces are having checkpoints everywhere to check Pilgrims coming for Hajj.

All Entries to Makkah City must be only through a valid Hajj permit.

Security Increased for Hajj Pilgrims in Saudi

As per the information 1,00,000 Security personnel along with 5000+ CCTV Camers have been installed in Makkah & Madina to secure the Holy places where more than 3.5 Million people will be performing Hajj.

All invalid Hajj permit aren’t allowed to enter Makkah city to safeguard and secure the Makkah City and Pilgrims coming from all around the world.

Interior minister of Operations affairs and general supervisor of public security said that main importance will be given to mass gathering in Hajj to provide security and safety. The safety of pilgrims is the most important guideline to be followed by security forces, which should provide them with the best service and do so with a sense of dedication.

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