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Saudi Banks ready to Finance Cars bought by Women

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King Salman’s decision to allow women to drive cars in Saudi Arabia have created confidence in Women living in Saudi Arabia and also giving a sense of equality between Men and Women. Crown Prince has played his trump card and giving important to Saudi Women education and employment too.

The order to allow women to drive have increased car sales through out the kingdom and there has been a demand for loans to buy cars.

Saudi Banks ready to Finance Cars bought by

Due to this demand Banks in Saudi Arabia are now ready to finance women to buy cars in Saudi Arabia.

This decision will also save money of families living in Saudi Arabia as they don’t have hire private drivers now and no need to hire a taxi because Women can drive in Saudi Arabia.

Hoping this will create Job opportunites for Women to drive taxis such as Uber and Careem.

Car sales in the Kingdom reach 600,000 thousand annually. However, this number will increase by 50 percent in the coming period, which will have many positive impacts on the country’s economy, including the GDP.

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