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Saudi Azad Visa, How to Get Azad Visa from Saudi Arabia

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Azad Visa or Free Visa is a Visa which is sold by few of the individuals or companies to the earn some money and increase Financial Growth. People Buy Azad VISA in order to go Saudi and hunt Job which they wanted to work on.

The Government of Saudi Arabia provides employment VISAs to companies to bring in Expatriates and foreign workers in Saudi. It also provides VISAs for the Individuals for Drivers, Cooks, Maids etc.

Saudi Azad Visa & How to Get Azad Visa from Saudi

Visas are sold out to people and once they enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Their Kafeel or Sponsor will charge them more for providing Iqama than the normal Iqama charges.

It all depends on the Sponsor, how he charges fees on Expatriate. Sometime they might charge Monthly or annually. May also ask fee for Holiday or when u want to go back to your home and come back using a Exit Re-Entry VISA.

If your Sponsor wants, he can also report you in Huroob Status (Check your Huroob Status Online), which might put you in a very bad situation in Saudi Arabia and If this happens, You will have to find out ways to come back to Home country leaving Saudi.

Benefits of Azad VISA is that there is no duration fo this type of VISA, you’ll just have to renew your Iqama up to the age of 60

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Azad Visa can be sold from 5000 SAR – 20000 SAR

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