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Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers, Helpline numbers in KSA

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Saudi Arabia is a place where ambulance services are in control of Police or the state hospitals. We cannot compare their services with other Western countries. Unfortunately their are not much efficient.

Saudi Arabia have helicopters for emergency services for accidents and air evacuation. provides a list of Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia which would be helpful for every individual living in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers Helpline Numbers KSA SaudiExpatriate

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Telephone 904
International Calls 900
Billing Office 908
Telex 930
Telephone Directory Inquiry 905
Record Office 907
Cable Locate 906
Marine Service 903
Speaking Clock(A) 963
Mobile Phone 914
Speaking Clock(E) 961
Saudi Post 920005700
Saudi Customs 4013334
Civil Defense 4792828
NAJM (Accidents without injuries) 920000560
Passport Issuing- Regulation of Travelling 992
Trade Control 8001241616
Food and Drug Authority 012759222
Human Rights 012102223
Municipality 940
Wildlife Preservation 014414333
Water 8004411110
Electricity 933
Mobily 0560101100
Zain 0590000959
STC DSL Service 906
GO 920017175

Saudi Emergency Numbers

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