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Rules in Saudi for Employment of Expatriates

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Want to work in Saudi? Good to know the specific rules which are supposed to be followed by Employers and Expatriates for working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is very important to know these details about Work permits, Employment contracts, etc for every expatriate living in Saudi.

Rules in Saudi for Employment of

Work Permits:

  • Expatriates cannot work in Saudi Arabia without any work permit from the Ministry according to the form prepared
    for this cause.
  • Employers should only permitted to hire employees, based on the occupation mentioned in the work permit

Work Permit Requirements:

  • Expatriate has entered Saudi Arabia legally and is authorised to work in KSA
  • Expatriate must have educational qualifications for the occupation in the country, where no Saudi national has obtained such qualification, or the numbers of qualified Saudi individuals are not sufficient, or the worker is considered within the regular worker needed by the country.
  • Employer must take employee’s responsibility which be under a contract.

Terms in Employment Contracts:

Employment contract of an Expatriate must be for a definitive term or there must be an expiry date on the
contract. Because, if there is no definitive term then the expiry date is considered as the expiration of the

Cost of Employing and Expatriate as follows

  1.  Employer must bear all the responsibility of hiring the expatriate or foreign worker and all of his cost of residency, Iqama and its renewal services, Cost of changing occupation, Exit and Returns and cost of return tickets for employees after the termination of their contractual relationship.
  2. The employee is responsible for the cost of return tickets if he is not qualified to work, or if he wishes to return for no specific reason.
  3. The employer is responsible for transfer expenses if the employee wishes to transfer his sponsorship to the
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Bearing cost of deceased (recently Death Person)

  • Employer is responsible for bearing the cost of preparing the dead body and trasporting it to the authority responsible for hiring an expatriate, if the expatriate doesn’t get permission to be buried in Saudi Arabia.
  • The employer is exempted from his obligation if the General Organization for Social and Insurance (GOSI) is responsible
    such arrangement

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  1. Josephine Belaza

    February 28, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Just wondering, will these rules & regulation be followed legit in KSA? How abt. penalty/penalties if neglect/breach of contract taken into picture of both party, what then will be d “PENALTY”? It was not specifically defined in d said rules 4employing expatriates? D rules is lacking in substance!

  2. [email protected]

    March 4, 2017 at 9:30 am

    good day sir I’m working in new company and i finish already my 90 days precautionary but my iqama are still not done for the reason that have some money to pay before there finish the HR told me 2000 for the transfer sponsor 1000 for change position in iqama because my position in iqama are tile layer but I’m work as a assistant hr and this company are accept me as a hr and he also told me 500 for expiration of my iqama i want only to know ho will pay this money.
    me this is my first transfer company and our original company are not pay as almost 10month