Rakesh Chenna from Jeddah not Supporting Rohingya Muslims - Saudi Expatriate
  • Tabrez Ahmad

    I called on Jeddah office number provided on forever living products company’s site. They said Rakesh Chenna is not working with them but he is probably associated with distributor of the same company. Though we need people all over Saudi Arabia and specially Jeddah to keep eyes on him to inform police. However everyone should keep sharing this on social media until get affirm information of his arrest.
    Please don’t depend on others, just do your best to catch him.

  • Dr khan

    This chap need to be taught a lesson he is living in a Muslim country reaping all the rewards and supporting the extremist group . Please report this person in absher under cybercrime and also to local police stations
    No one should tolerate extremist in this pure country

  • nazmadil

    Easiest way is to report this matter to Mutawwa or Ministry of external affairs with the attached clipping. They can easily locate him. He might be left to India after hearing the news that people are after him.

  • tth guy