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Proposal on preventing Illegal Expats Residence Permit Settlement

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Shoura Council in Saudi Arabia have proposed a draft on Illegal Expats Residence Permit which will be discussed after the Eid-Al Adha holidays. This proposal will alows illegal expatriates to get a residence permit based on certain conditions (such as if they proficiency in Araic

Shoura Council member Dr. Sadaqa Fadil has drafted this proposal which will soon be discussed with the consultative body after the Eid-Al Adha holidays. This proposal includes formation of a committee under (MOI) Ministry of Interior to do an analysis of the condition of illegal Expatriates.

This comittee will have the power of making decisions on granting residence permits to such illegal expatriates or deport them and gvie chance to Saudi residents.

Proposal on preventing Illegal Expats Settlement on

Here are the Conditions for Illegal Expats to get Residence Permit in Saudi Arabia:

  • Expatriate must be between the age of 30 to 50 years
  • Must have good health
  • Must know how to Read & Write Arabic
  • Should have been in Saudi Arabia for more than 5 years
  • Should also know about the current Job Market

Shoura Council member spoke about the negative impact of illegal expatriates which will impact the economy of Saudi Arabia

“Illegal foreign migrants are likely to commit crimes and engage in various negative practices that would negatively affect the society. They will also create security problems,” he told.

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Though Saudi Arabia have given 3 months of Amnesty period and also extended it for 30 more days to give a change to illegal expatriates to correct their residential status in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The new expat dependant levy imposed by the government has forced many foreign workers to leave the Kingdom or send back their families. According to the latest report published by the Interior Ministry, more than 500,000 illegal workers have left the country.

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