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No Jobs for Expat Women Drivers in KSA

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With a recent order passed by King Salman that Women can now Drive in Saudi Arabia. Most of the Husbands have gifted cars to their wives to drive on Saudi roads.

This news has created a positive wave in Women living in Saudi Arabia, so that they an drive once they have permission from their husbands and also work as Taxi drivers to earn money.

According to the President of the Public Transport Authority (PTA) Rumaih Al-Rumaih, there will be no Recruitment for Expat Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia and this opportunity will only be given to Saudi Women only.

No Recruitment for Expat Women Drivers in KSA-SaudiExpatriate

No Recruitment for Expat Women Drivers in KSA

He also called the Uber Center to train Saudi women drivers. The regulations will be the same for both Men & Women.

The Ratio of Saudization in Taxi drivers were very low, because most of these professions are handled by Expatriates, but once women will enter this profession it will reduce expats form this field.

Uber Technologies will launch a dedicated “female partner support center” in Saudi Arabia to enable women to join the company.

While Uber will likely increase its pool of eligible drivers, it may face decreasing demand for its ride-sharing platform. Approximately 80 percent of the company’s rides in Saudi Arabia are taken by women.

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Uber also announced that more than 140,000 Saudi partners have joined the company so far.

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