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New VISA Rules in Saudi Arabia for Expatriates

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Based on the New VISA rules in Saudi Arabia which will might get implemented form the Next month in which Nationals would be given first preference in Jobs rather than Expatriates.

This is due to the The Saudization effect which was implemented to sweep out illegal expatriates from Saudi and give preference to Saudi Citizens.

New VISA Rules in Saudi Arabia for

It is also reported that by the end od September all smaller company Visa might get cancelled for expatriates and only Big companies who are eligible to hire foreign expatriates will be able to provide VISAs.

Its really a bad news for Expatriates living in the kingdom as most of the expatriates work in small companies and would get panic due to this news.

Hoping for the ebst that more rules of Saudization shouldn’t effect Expats Jobs and life in Saudi.

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