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MOL Rules for Hiring Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia

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Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MOL) has set some rules for all the people living in Saudi Arabia who wants to hire domestic workers. Here are the rules tro be followed if you wanna hire a domestic workers in the kingdom of Saufi Arabia.

  • If you;re an Expatriates Living in Saudi Arabia, You can hire a domestic workers only if your Salary is above 10,000 Saudi Riyals.
  • If you’re a Saudi National and want to hire a Saudi worker or Driver, you shouls have a minimu balance of 35,000 Saudi Riyals in your Bank.

MOL Rules for Hiring Domestic Workers in Saudi

For any Domestic worker VISA, MOL will approve or Disapprove the VISA Application absed on verifying your financial position.

Also, if the contract for hiring the Domestic worker exceeds 18 months then MOL will provide 2 VISAs and people those who are having 5 year cards will be treated accordingly.

House Workers Can be nale of Female based on their profession as listed below:

Male or Female Domenatic Workers for following professions:
– House Work
– Baby Sitter
– Cook
– Nurses

Male Only Domesntic Work:
– Drivers
– Waiters

Only Married Saudi Citizens can have a maximum of 3 domestic worker VISAs.

Married Expatriates who have Salary more than 10,000 Suadi Riyals will be able to hire domestic workers under their own Sponsorship.

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Bachelor Expatriates can only hire one Domestic worker either as a female House worker or Driver.

If you’re hiring Domestice Workers in Saudi Arabia you should also keep in mind that an additional 5000 Saudi Riyals must be ensured in your bank after 1st VISA with 35,000 Saudi Riyals Bank Balance.

The no. of recruitment offices registered with the house worker program (Musanid), one of the ministry’s initiatives, stands at 605, while the number of beneficiaries from the Musanid portal stands at 61,411

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