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Make Use of Amnesty Period or Pay Heavy Fines

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Saudi Government has started 90 Days Amnesty Period for all the defaulter Expatriates to correct their statuses in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This step is towards making Saudi Arabia a ‘Nation Free of Violation’. Here KSA goverment is giving 90 days in which all the expatriates who are working or living illegally in Saudi can make use of Amnesty Period and remove all violations.

Make Use of Amnesty Period or Pay Heavy

Many Expatriates face Issues in Saudi Arabia such as Iqama Violations, Huroob, Hajj & Umrah Violators, Overstaying, etc.

All Issues can be sorted out during this period and by running this campaign Saudi Government wants to clean up or convert all the illegal workers into legal workers and making Saudi a Nation free of Violators.

Expatriates who didn’t make use of Amnesty Period for their violations may face heavy fines starting from 10,000 SAR up to 1,00,000 SAR.

This is the best chance for illegal workers or Expatriates, VISA Overstayers, Iqama Violators to become legal workers and live a happy life in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

90 Days period is a good amount of time to to clear all illegal issues or you may need to pay Huge Fines. This is the first time KSA Goverment has given an opportunity to Expatriates as Amnesty Period.

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I must say that this is a good opportunity and responsibility for all the Expatriates, who are living in Saudi Arabia to inform each of our brothers who are illegally working in Saudi and want to become legal.

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