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List of Jawazat Services & its Fees in Saudi Arabia

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Jawazat provides various services in Saudi Arabia such as Visa Services Fees, Iqama services Fees, Sponsorship Transfer Fees, Profession Change Fees, Adding Child under Iqama Fees, etc.

Most of the users on my Facebook page have asked this information to post Jawazat Services Fees details.

Here is the list of Services along with their Fee provided by Jawazat from Ministry of Interior. I know this may not be the complete list of services which are provided by Jawazat, but I tried to put collect and post most of the information here to help Expatriate brothers & sisters.

List of Jawazat Services & Fees in Saudi

Jawazat Services & Fees

Fees of VISA Services in Saudi Arabia:

1. Domestic workers Visa Fee 2300 SR.
2. Permanent Family Visa fee 2000 SR.
3. For 2 months, Single Exit Re-Entry Visa Fee 200 SR.
For for every additional Month till Iqama expire, there will be the fee of 100 SR. If not used Exit Re-entry without cancelling you have to pay 1000 SR.
4. For 3 months, Multiple Exit Re-entry Visa Fee 500 SR. And for each additional month till Iqama Expire there will be a fee of 200 SR.
5. No fee for Final Exit Visa. Moreover, if your departure is through Seaport there will be a Fee of 50 SR

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Fees for Iqama Services in Saudi Arabia:

1. First Muqeem fee for domestic workers is total 600 SR (500 SR for Iqama Fee & 100 SR for Work license Fee). Iqama Renewal Fee for Domestic Workers is 350 SR (250 for Iqama Renewal and 100 for work license fee ).
2. First Iqama and Renewal Fee for Employees working in bussinuesses is 650 SR.
3. Muqeem Issuance or Renewal Fee for Dependents above 18 years is 500 SR.

Fees for Transfer of Sponsor in Saudi:

1st time :- 2000 SR
2nd time :- 4000 SR
3rd time :- 6000 SR

Fees for Changing Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia is 1000 SR.

Fees for Transfer of Sponsorship of Wife is 2000 SR.

Extension of Family Visit Visa fee is 100 SR.

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