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Limits on issuing License to Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

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Traffic is increasing in Saudi Arabia after women started to drive in the kingdom. Accidents have also increased when compared to the year 2016.

Saudi Arabian Traffic department has said that they have been working on a plan that will introduce a new reform in traffic.

Limits on Issuing license to Expatriates in Saudi

According to the new rule there will be a limit of issuing Driving License to Expatriates or foreigners.

Brigadier General Mohamed bin Abdullah Al-Bazami informed “We are working on this plan with Labor Ministry”.

Saudi Arabian Traffic department want to bring this reform to have contorl over the traffic in the kingdom and growing rush.

The Traffic Department’s census also shows that Expatriates causes high no. of accidents and create traffic problems.

If they restrict issuing license to Expatriates and give this provision only to high profile expatriates or give license only if they are Driver VISA in the kingdom. They might restrcit issuing Visa to lowincome expatriates.

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