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Iqama (Muqeem)

Iqama Name Change Procedure, Change your Name on Iqama in Saudi

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Whenever there is a misprint or incorrect names printed on Iqama, we need to apply for correction for Change of Name on Iqama. This is very important as Iqama is very important document for every service you want in Saudi Arabia.

This happens with most of the Expatriates that their names on iqama gets misprinted. You name may be incorrect in English or Arabic, you’ll have to make it correct by chnaging your name on Iqama for avoiding any issues.

Iqama name Change Procedure, Change your Name on Iqama in

It is possible for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia to have the same name which is on the passport. So that there isn’t any discrepancy between both of them.

Here are the things you’ll have to do to Change your Name on Iqama:

  • Contact your Government Relations Officer or Human Resource Manager of your company and request for Change of name
    on your Iqama.
  • If there is any miss spelling in English, then it can be done by him from the website and give you a new print
  • If there is a correction in Arabic, then will have to visit the Jawazat Office and request them for the Name
    change on Iqama

Note: Don’t delay this matter and take serious and Quick Action. This will impact if there is a change in profession or attestation of Certificates

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