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Iqama (Muqeem)

Iqama got Damaged, Steps to replace your Damaged Iqama

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Iqama is an important document which needs to be carried everytime and everywhere you go in Saudi Arabia. Always keep copies of your Iqama or Muqeem card, so that if one gets damaged atleast you can have all your Iqama details on other.

The process for getting the replacement is very easy and you can get it fast, but for that you need to submit Iqama form signed & stamped by the sponsor/ company along with 2 passport size photographs and your damaged Iqama.

Iqama got Damaged, Steps to replace your Damaged Iqama

If your Iqama is Lost or Stolen, we really have a good article explaining what to do when your Iqama gets lost or Stolen?

If your Iqama gets damaged by any means you can get it replaced by following the process mentioned below:

1) Government relation officer of your company must fill the form for your replacement of damaged Iqama along with the signatures of your Sponsor / Kafeel

2) Check your Iqama Validity for 1 year or more than 1 year and do the payment based on the validity. You can also take help from people working in Jawazat office or the people who do these kind of services in front of Jawazat main gate office

3) Check for any Traffic violation under your Iqama

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4) Provide all the required documents and take the new print of Iqama

Document Requirements for replacing your Damaged Iqama with new Iqama

1) Iqama form (attested by Sponsor / Kafeel)
2) 2 Passport sized Photographs
3) Original & Passport copy
4) Damaged Iqama (Original & Copy)
5) Iqama payment Fees

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