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Imposing Fines on Private Taxis and Cab Drivers

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PTA (Pulbic Transport Auhotity) in Saudi Arabia has announced that they will start imposing fines on Private Taxis, Private Cabs, Cba drivers offering and Ride Sharing services for not following or adhering the Safety & readiness of vehicles and on violating rules & regulations.

Imposing Fines on Private Taxis and Cab

PTA said that heavy penaties & fines will be imposed on drivers who will violate the rules & regulations are not adhering to safetey precautions.

Here are the Penalties & fines:

– 5000 SAR fines for not installing meters in Cabs
– 500 SAR fine on Cab Drivers not wearing uniforms
– 500 SAR fine on not keeping the cars clean or which looks dirty inside and outside
– 1000 SAR fine on unclear Signs boards.
Taxis should clearly specify and mention clear signs such as ‘Taxi Jeddah’, ‘Taxi Madina’, ‘Taxi Makkah’.- 1000 SAR fine on driver if his vehicle doesn’t have company information on the back seats.
– 500 SAR fines on each for not having First Aid kits in car or Fire extinguisher or Hazard traingle (Total 1500 for not having all the three)
– 5000 Saudi Riyals for Expatriate Drivers without proper license

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