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Fine of SR 500 on Right Turn at Red Signal in Saudi Arabia

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Most of the people living in Saudi Arabia are unaware of the fines imposed by violating traffic laws in Saudi Arabia. This is also one of a Fine of 500 SAR and liable for 24 hours Jail if you take a right turn when the signal is having Red light.

Fine of SR 500 on Right turn at Red Signal in Saudi Arabia-SaudiExpatriate

There are numbers of Saher Cameras which track these activities of Motorist and Vehicles at the signal.

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Saudi Traffic department has increased police personnel at the signal and on roads to monitors driver activities and reduce the number of accidents in Saudi Arabia.

So you have to be careful while driving in Saudi Arabia that you cannot take a Free right when the signal is Red in color. You must stop your car before the Sensor is located, else the Saher camera will flash and you may be fines.

There may be heavy fines related to traffic other than this.

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