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Fine on Expats Working in Saudi Gold Jewellery Shops

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You might have already read the previous news about Gold Shops in Saudi Arabia not fully Saudized. As per the new deadline given by December 3rd 2017 no Expatriates should be working in Gold and Jewellery Shops.

Ministry of Labor & Social Development will have Inspectors visiting markets and shopping malls in Saudi Arabia to check if any expatriates are violating this rule and are working in Gold & jewellery Shops.

Fine on Expats Working in Saudi Gold

If any Expatriate found violating the rules he will be fined heavily and will hae to pay a Fine of 20000 SAR (Saudi Riyals)

As per the available data, there are over 6,000 gold and jewelry shops and exhibitions in the Kingdom that employ about 23,000 to 25,000 workers including expatriates and few of them own the shops.

Most of the Shops which are under the names of Saudis and are run by Expariates are expected to be closed due to these rules.

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