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Fahas in Saudi – Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection

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If you’re new to Saudi Arabia then you should know what Fahas is. Fahas is a certificate given by the Saudi Government that your Motor Vehicle is fit to run.

Fahas is a Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection which does a check of your Motor Vehicle and gives your a certificate or a sticker which you can put up on your windshield.

Fahas - A MVPI (Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection)-SaudiExpatriate.com

Validity of Fahas is 1 year and needs to be reviewed every year after expiry. Fahas is very important when it comes to Istamara (Vehicle Registration) if you wanna sell your Car.

Many people take the car to a mechanic a day before Fahas to have him check it.

Required Documents for Fahas:

– Iqama or Muqeem Card
– Istamara (Vehicle Registration)

Easy steps to Perform & Pass Fahas (Vehicle Inspection Test)

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