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Expats Population & Housing in Saudi Arabia

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Housing Units in Saudi Arabia which are occupied by Expatriates are around 36% of the total housing units. Approximately 2 Million housing units are occupied by expats from 5 million housing units in the kingdom and the rest are occupied by Saudis.

Based on the numbers from General Authority for Statistics for the year 2017 Saudi Arabias population is estimated around 32.6 Million with an average family of 5.9 people per home.

2 Million Housing Units occupied by Expats-SaudiExpatriate.com

Makkah Province has more expatriates in the kingdoms wheerin almost 42% of the residents living in Makkah are Expatriates.

Here are the Saudi States where Expats are more in proportion

– Makkah : 42%
– Qassim : 40%
– Riyadh : 39%
– Jazan : 21%
– Baha : 21%

According to the analysis, 40.1 percent of houses are owned by their occupants, while rented homes account for about 50.3 percent and about 9.4 percent of family housing are provided by employers.

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