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Expatriate Engineers must have 5 year Experience for Jobs

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MOL (Ministry of Labor and Social Development along with Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) have come to a agreementfor slowing down the recruitment of Expatriates on Engineering Jobs. The Agreement siad that Engineering will get a Job only if they have 5 year of professional experience. Which means that Expat Engineers with less than 5 years of experience will not be recruited in Saudi Arabia.

Along with that the Engineers who will be recruited will have to go through a professional examination and face-to-face interview through Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).

Expatriate Engineers must have 5 year Experience for Jobs-SaudiExpatriate.com

5 Yrs Exp required to get Jobs for Expatriate Engineers

Now its time for expats to gear up their skills, communication skills and specialized skills required for any job in Saudi.

They stressed that it was compulsory for expatriate engineers to have the required experience in the pertinent field and documenatry proof should be provided to the effect They added that engineers will bear the consequences of giving false information on their work experience.

All these new rules and regulations is a step towards Saudi Vision 2030. All the new programs such as Amnesty Period which eliminated most of the illegal expatriates and were implemented in the kingdom was to get rid of illegal expatriates and make Saudi A Nation free of Violations. Then No Jobs for expats in Shopping Malls and Baqalas all are towards the same intention.

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As per the report from Saudi Press Agency this decision to have Expat Engineers with a minimum of 5 years of Professional experience is to eliminate Expatriates and give more preference to Saudi Nationals.

Hoping & Praying a Better Future to all Expatriate brothers. May Allah Do what is best.

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