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Expatriate Bakalas to be Shutdown in Saudi Arabia

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council proposed to Shutdown Expatriates Bakala’s.

MOL plans and proposed a draft that expatriates are no more allowed to work in Bakalas and all the workers should be only Saudi nationals.

Expatriate Bakalas to be Shutdown in Saudi Arabia-SaudiExpatriate.com

Per the Shoura Council proposal all the Bakalas which are run by Expatriates must be closed and all these opportunities should be only for Saudi Nationals, economists and businessmen.

All the Citizens living in Saudi are fully in support of this proposal.

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Due to this proposal Shoura Council is forcing Retail Shopping Centers to employ more and more saudi nationals in shopping mall jobs and there will be more than 25000+ Jobs in Saudi’s after its implementation of its first year.

Shoura Council proposed this plan to attract more Saudi’s for this jobs and also food and Mobile vans for Saudi’s only.

All Small Bakalas (Grocery Stores) will be closed and Municipal will only provide License only to big stores where Saudi national can be employed more.

We all know that all our Expatriates will be working in the names of Saudi Citizens by some amount to Saudi Nationals, but if this proposal will be implemented expats will not be allowed to work like this.

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