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Easy Ways to Avoid Paying Dependent Fees in Saudi Arabia

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Dependent Fees has been in news since a year in Saudi Arabia and got implement this July 1st 2017. Though it tough for Expatriates who are working in Saudi Arabia in low Salaries and those who are living with family where only one Expat is working.

Fees of 100 SAR every month for a dependent seems very high amount to most ofthe expatriates, thats why many expats left Saudi Arabia in last 3 months till date.

Thinking of How to Avoid Paying Dependent Fees?

This fee will increase every 100 SAR year by year till 2020. However, we think that there are few options or easy wasy that you can survive even after paying Dependent Fees in Saudi Arabia.

Easy Ways to Avoid Paying Depdendent Fees in Saudi Arabia-SaudiExpatriate.com

Easy ways to Avoid Paying Dependent Fees are listed below:

Join a Government Job:

For Expatriates who are working in Government Jobs are not supposed to pay Dependent Fees. I know it very difficult to get a government Job in Saudi, but its worth a try to avoid paying Dependent Fee and survive in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

House Rent Negotiation:

Due to the implementation of Dependent Fees in Saudi many expatriates have left the kingdom and amny houses which were given on rent seems to be vacant.

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Due to this most of the landlords and House Owners have reduced rents inorder to get tenants. So, start searching for home and start Negotiating to get a bteter deal

Sharing of House:

Many Expatrriates in the kingdom live along with small family and big houses and pay heavy rent. Expat families who are known to each other can live in a sharing home by occupying half of the house or equal rooms for their family.

Other Income:

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