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Easy Steps to Perform & Pass Fahas (Vehicle Inspection Test)

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Fahas is important if you’re owning a veh‎icle in Saudi Arabia. To perform Fahas and pass in is an easy task, just make sure your vehicle is fit.

Easy Steps to Perform & Pass Fahas (Vehicle Inspection Test)-SaudiExpatriate.com

How to Perform & Pass Fahas:

– Check for the nearest Fahas MVPI (Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection) location and go there.
– Good time to visit is Afternoon, as you will have less crowd
– Wait in the queue for your turn to come.
– Display your Iqama and Istamara and pay fees of 73 SAR for your car to be inspected.
– Once you get the Cash receipt
– Take your Vehicle to the shed for inspection
– Vehicle inspector will take the receipt and do the necessary inspection of your Vehicle
– Your Vehicle or Car will go through 4 inspection checks, which takes just 15 minutes.

Make sure your Vehicles Head Lights, Tail Lights & Hazard Lights, Normal Brake, Tyres in good condition, Carbon Emission, Oil leaking, Car Body & Hand Brakes are working properly.

Because the above things will be checked at 4 check points mentioned.

Note: In case, if there is any issue with your vehicle, you will have 2 weeks to fix the issue and come again to perform Fahas and will only have to pay 24 SAR for re-inspection.

Once this is done, you’ve passed Fahas.

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