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Iqama (Muqeem)

Iqama Renewal Steps in Saudi, Renew your Iqama

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Expatriates need to check every now and then if the expiry date of their Iqama is nearing. Now Iqama is known as Muqeen Card.

Note: The New Muqeem Card will be having a validity of 5 years.

Iqama Renewal Steps in Saudi, Renew your

Government of Saudi Arabia have launched online services which will help expatriates to do Iqama Renewal Online.

Best Practices before Iqama Renewal

Though Iqama can also be renewed manually through the old process, but it can also be done online now with the help
of Absher account. Your Sponsor can just login to Absher account and renew Iqama of all his dependent employees
after paying the renewal amount fee

Benefits of having Iqama are listed here.

Here are the steps to Renew your Iqama in an easy Way for your Sponsor:

  • He will need to visit the Official website of MOI
  • After logging in, Click Renew Iqama of Employee or his dependents.
  • Your Iqama wil get reasy in 2 days, then your Sponsor will take the Old Iqama from you and give a new Iqama

Please take a letter from your Sponsor before handing your Iqama to him, so that if you don’t have your Iqama you can show this letter to police or government officials that your Iqama is in renewal process.

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Good Luck!

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