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Easy Exit Saudi Arabia in Amnesty Period to Return to Home Country

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Saudi Arabian Government has given 90 days of Amnesty period which started from 25th March and will end on 25th June. Amnesty Period gives expatriates 90 days to correct their status in Saudi Arabia and avoid paying heavy fines and sever penalties.

In this period of 90 days, Expatriates can Exit to their Home Country too if they have illegal status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To Exit their home country an expatriate must have certain documents.

Easy Exit in Amnesty Period to Return to Home Country-SaudiExpatriate.com

1) Passport or Emergency Cettificate from Embassy
2) Saudi Arabia Exit VISA
3) Air Ticket (To return to your Home Country)

Here are the list of Document Required to Exit Saudi Arabia in Amnesty Period:

Passport or Emergency Cettificate from Embassy:

Expatriate must have a valid passport to directly apply for Exit VISA without having Emergency Certificate (EC) or Out Pass. For those who doesn’t have valid passports need to apply for a Emergency Cetificate (EC) or Out Pass by reaching out to their Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

To get Emergency Certificate (EC) you will have to fill an EC Form along with Iqama copy, Visa Copy, Passport Copy and Passport Sized Photographs. It will take atleast 5 to 7 days to get Emergency Certificate from the Embassy and Once you get the EC your Existing Passport will get cancelled.

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After recieving your Emergency Certificate (EC) to apply for Exit VISA.

Exit VISA:
Exit VISA need to be applied by booking an appointment on Ministry if Interior (MOI) website. once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll need to reach the designated Office atlweast 15 min befoire the appointment time and a take a print out of Exit VISA once everything is done.

Air Ticket:

Air Ticket must be booked by you to Return to your Home to Exit Saudi Arabia.

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