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Don’t Drink Rokan and Al-Dar Bottled Water – SFDA

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Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) in Riyahd has warend people not to drink bottled water from Rokan and Al-Dar companies.

Rokan and Al-Dar bottled water, sizes 200, 330, and 600 ml, produced by Al-Dar factory for water, juice, and plastic in Madinah, for exceeding the acceptable limits of bromate.


Don't Drink Rokan and Al-Dar Bottled

Because the SDFA has tested the bottled drinking water from these companies on different dates and different sizes and found that there is high amount of bromate as per the standards.

The Tests were done on different sample sizes of bottles sized 200, 330, and 600 ml.

Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA)

Rokan and Al-Dar is a a factoy for water, Juice an Plastic in Madinah and SFDA has warned the residents of the kingdom not to use products from these company and dispose them if they have already bought it.

SFDA will take neccessary action on the factory and its products to stop the production untill the permitted amounts of borate are maintained at the standard levels.

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