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Dependent Fees Not Applicable for these Expatriates in Saudi

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There will be No Dependent Fee for Few Expatriates who fell into the below categories. Yes, you’re listening it right – No Dependent Fees for the the Expatriates who are listed in these categories.

Dependent Fees not Applicable for These Expatraites in

1) Expatriates working in Government Jobs

Expatriates working in Saudi Government Jobs are exempted from paying Dependent Fees. Because many peoiple who are working in Public Sector organizations, when they tried to pay their dependent Fees, it was showing as Zero. The General Directorate of Passports has also confirmed that Expatriates working in government sector will be exempted from this Fees.

2) Expat whose Parent is a Saudi Citizen

Expatriate whose parents (Either a Father or a Mother) is a Saudi Citizen are exempted from Dependnet Fees.

3) Saudi Citizen Widow/ Divorcee

Expatriates who are divorced or a widow of a Saudi Citizen, then their dependents are exempted from Dependent Fees and should not pay any dependent Fees.

4) Wives of Saudi Citizens

Saudi Citizen Wives are exempted from Dependent Fees

5) Expats living in Saudi for more then 40 years

Expatriates who are just living in Saudi Arabia for more than 40 years and have not travelled outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are also listed in exempted category.

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6) Students studying in Saudi Arabia

Expatraite Students who have come to Saudi Arabia for educational purpose and are currently studying in Saudi Arabia are exempted from Dependent Fees

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  • Ali Ocampo

    in no 6. even if the dependent is studying in international school is exempted?

    • ALeX LaSToN

      even ive got that question 😀