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Cigarette Prices to be Doubled from Sunday

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We have been hearing news about Tax on Tobacoo to be levied and Cigarette prices to go up in Saudi Arabia. Yes, we were right. Saudi Government has decided to implement a selective tax on products that harms a health of a person such as tobacco products, energy drinks, sodas, etc.

Cigarette Prices to be Doubled from

There is a estimation of 6 million smokers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the tax for all the Smokers will be affected from Sunday (11th June 2017)

Implementation is part of a selective tax agreement the Kingdom signed along with the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, which was approved by the GCC secretariat last month.

Tax% is levied according to the danger it poses to human health. So, a most harmful product will have a 100% tax and products such as soft drinks will be levied a 50% tax.

Saudi Arabia is one of a 64th nation out of 127 nations who have increased the price of cigarettes and Cigarette prices will be doubled since Sunday (11th june 2017).

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