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900+ illegal Expatriates arrested in Riyadh in a day

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Saudi Arabian Governments steps towards “A Nation without Violation” have started from Amnesty Campaign by giving a chance to Illegal expatriates to correct their residential status.

This campaigns was lanched in March providing a 6 months time for illegal expatriates who are working and living in Saudi Arabia, as well as border infiltrators.

900+ Illegal Expatriates arrested in Riyadh in a day-SaudiExpatriate.com

After the campaign ended, Saudi government started to search of illegal expatriaes and in a ajor crackdown in Riyadh polic arresed around 900+ expats who are living illegally in Saudi Arabia in just 1 Day.

Expats arrested were from different countries and Police report that moot of the crimes in the city are comittedd by these illegal people only.

Similar inspections are being carried out in all parts of the Kingdom in concurrence with the respective governorates of the regions. Expatriates are advised to carry their residency certificates, driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates to cooperate with security officers.

Retail outlets, warehouses and gas stations will also be scrutinized to ensure their products and services are according to the Kingdom’s standards and follow the copyright regulations of the country.

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