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7 Online Crimes you should avoid in Saudi Arabia

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Internet is everywhere and every smartphone user is using Internet for Social Media or online shopping or reading news, etc.

64.7% of People living in Saudi Arabia uses Internet As the usage of Internet is increasing there is chance of increase in Cyber crimes. People using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are expressing their thoughts online but there have been instacnes which are hurting sentiments of other people.

7 Online Cyber Crimes you should avoid in Saudi Arabia-SaudiExpatriate.com

A cyber-crime may happen as the main crime like posting illegal content, or it can occur as a secondary crime that supports another crime. There are tons of cyber-crimes that can be committed through social media and each crime has a penalty.

Being in Saudi Arabia you must avoid certain things doing on Internet

  • Illegal access to anyones personal computer or using them without Permission
  • Defaming of Legal or Natural person through Social Media
  • Posting unauthorized/Provate pictures and Videos of other people Online
  • Hacking Social Media accounts of others
  • Publishing any material Online which hurts religion values or breaches Privacy of any person
  • Publishing Porn
  • Promotion or Facilitation of the Use or Distribution of Narcotics or Psychotropic Substances

I request all the Exptraites to avoid doing the above things on Internet or Social Media to avoid Punishments under Cyber Laws.

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