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More than 150,000 illegal Expatriates Arrested

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After the Amnesty period Saudi Government had started searching for Illegal Expatriates living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and arrested many violators of residence or work and border security systems.

In the first day of arrests itself they caught around 900+ violators in Riyadh and till date they have arrested around 150,000+ illegal expatriates.

More than 150,000 Expatriates Arrested in

This campaign of arrests were starter in November to track down illegal foreigners and 89000 violators of residence and 45000 for labor violators and 24000 of violation of border security systems, totalling all to 150,000 were arrested.

Violators were of all different countries who violated the residence or work permits and were still working and living in KSA.

Security authorities conducted inspections to apprehend illegal workers to curb crimes such as thefts, sorcery, employing illegal workers, brewing liquor and to prevent them being involved in criminal activities.

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